Presentation State of GeoNetwork
2021-09-29, 16:30–17:00, Córdoba

Report about the state of the project; events, releases, roadmap. OGC API, scalability and UI update are the current topics.

The GeoNetwork team is having a standout year and would love to share what we have been up to! The project is very active, and we have new project steering committee members to introduce. We will report back from our annual user group meeting and code sprint.

2020 gave us a great opportunity to think about what Geonetwork next generation should look like. The main concerns we want to address are scalability and usability. From that, 2 brand new projects are born: geonetwork-microservices and geonetwork-ui which totally renew the experience we want to give to the users when searching for data. The Geonetwork team is excited to talk more about those projects and the benefit you could get from this new architecture and design.

Enhancement and fixes in main branches also never stopped with two recent major releases: GeoNetwork 3.12 in april 2021, and GeoNetwork 4.0.0 in October 2020.

Attend this presentation for the latest from the GeoNetwork community.

Authors and Affiliations

Florent Gravin,, Camp to camp, France
Francois de Prunayre,, Titellus, France
Jody Garnett,, Canada
Paul van Genuchten,,, Netherlands
Jo Cook,, Astun Technologies, UK


Transition to FOSS4G


FOSS4G implementations in strategic application domains: land management, crisis/disaster response, smart cities, population mapping, climate change, ocean and marine monitoring, etc.


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

Language of the Presentation


Data Discovery evangelist and long term OSGeo supporter at Astun Technology. @archaeogeek on the internet.

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Jody Garnett is an open source developer and advocate working with GeoCat BV. He has over 20 years experience consulting, training, building solutions, and guiding technology development. Jody is on the steering committee for the GeoTools, GeoServer and JTS projects, and volunteers as chair of the OSGeo Incubation Committee.

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