GeoNetwork Status-No-Quo Customizations
2021-09-29, 16:00–16:30, Puerto Iguazú

The core-geonetwork project is great to use out of the box, and easy to “fork” for those small customizations “needed” by your team ... but we're here to say that's not okay!

This is a general challenge for open source, and this talk introduces an “overlay” for customization that allows communities to work together.

There are workshops on how to treat geonetwork like a website (copy and modify) - this is very much the geonetwork community status-quo.

Jody and David (GeoCat Canada) will present an alternative. We will do so in technical terms (war-overlay) showing the result that looks identical (leaving you to wonder why we bothered).

The important part happens when you update to the next core-geonetwork release. The “fork” approach quickly gets expensive, complicated, and confusing. We explore how much easier (cheaper) the war-overlay approach is!

Set your organization up for success with core-geonetwork customizations while staying close to core-geonetwork and participating in the community.

Authors and Affiliations

Garnett, Jody (1)
Blasby, David 1)

(1) GeoCart, Canada

Requirements for the Attendees

git, maven


Community / OSGeo


Software/Project development


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

Language of the Presentation


Jody Garnett is an open source developer and advocate working with GeoCat BV. He has over 20 years experience consulting, training, building solutions, and guiding technology development. Jody is on the steering committee for the GeoTools, GeoServer and JTS projects, and volunteers as chair of the OSGeo Incubation Committee.

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David has been working on Open Source GIS projects for 20 years - PostGIS, GeoServer/GeoTools, GeoGig, GeoNetwork, and others.