Microsoft Al for Earth

Microsoft AI for Earth will be hosting a track of talks during FOSS4G 2021 Buenos Aires to discuss how FOSS4G can help meet the environmental sustainability challenges of our era.

The track will be organized into four sections, each dealing with a component of what we see as critical to tackle many of the challenges the climate crisis presents. These components, along with some example questions to explore, are:
- Data: What data is available for this type of work? How do we educate the community about the different data types and datasets to fully take advantage of the information that is collected?
- Access: How do we better enable access to open data, both at a global and local level? How do we enable users of the data to find the data they need, and combine datasets seamlessly?
- Analytics: How do we efficiently derive insights from these data? What techniques or technologies are currently being underutilized in their application to environmental sustainability in particular or geospatial analysis in general?
- Applications: How are these data and insights actually used to inform and effect decisions that have real impact on the climate crisis? What do we need to do to make open data and tech more effective for climate change mitigation and adaptation?

Please join us!