Everywhere She Maps and OSM Teams: New Features for Improved Organized Editing
2021-09-30, 14:30–15:00, Puerto Madryn

Join us for an introduction to and update to OSM Teams and the YouthMappers’ Everywhere She Maps program. Development Seed has partnered with YouthMappers’ Everywhere She Maps program to build exciting new features for OSM Teams that expand users’ capacity to deliver OpenStreetMap trainings through increased reporting and tracking. We will demo OSM Teams’ new capabilities, discuss use cases, and report on the latest from Everywhere She Maps.
Everywhere She Maps is a targeted training program designed to increase female participation within the YouthMappers network and rapidly expanding industries that utilize geospatial technologies. This program aims to strengthen the inclusiveness of the geospatial community to ensure female perspectives are represented in apps, websites, and mapping platforms. Through Everywhere She Maps, the next generation of female mappers will build their technical capacity, enhance their professional and networking skills, and contribute to mapping projects focused on adding data relevant to women’s needs. This program is supported by the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP).

During this session, we will introduce newly developed features for Development Seed's OSM Teams, which is an independent authentication API that has a framework for creating teams and roles in the OpenStreetMap ecosystem. It will allow for better management of groups and communities to organize around all the existing tools like Tasking Manager, OSMCha, or iD, and a game changer for improving collaboration. We will discuss the importance of this tool for YouthMappers and use cases for organized editing within the OSM ecosystem and community. We will also provide an update on the accomplishments and goals of the Everywhere She Maps program since its launch in November 2020.

Authors and Affiliations

Clark, Courtney, Director of Everywhere She Maps, USA
Anderson, Jennings, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Farra, Marc, Development Seed, USA
Nealon, Rory, USAID GeoCenter, USA


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Courtney Clark isProgram Director for Everywhere She Maps, YouthMappers, and Manager of Sponsored Projects, American Geographical Society. She has over eight years of experience in open mapping, international and workforce development, and project management.