Using LANCE Near Real-Time Products for Disaster Risk Reduction
2021-10-01, 08:00–08:30, Group on Earth Observations

The NASA Earth Science Disasters Program handles requests from stakeholders and provides rapid response for Disaster Risk Reduction using Near Real-Time (NRT) products from NASA’s Land, Atmosphere NRT Capability for Earth Observing System (EOS) (LANCE). The combination of all available LANCE NRT satellite products provides global coverage at multiple times per day, which makes it possible to help users in different phases of the disaster’s life cycle. LANCE NRT fire and atmosphere products have been used to locate fires and high-temperature heat sources, and to assess the extent of air pollution. LANCE NRT global flood products and NASA’s Black Marble night-time light products have been used to monitor land cover and land use change over time in disaster impacted areas. Generated products and related information have been archived in NASA Disasters Mapping Portal for the use of stakeholders and end-users.

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