Introducing pygeometa: Metadata creation for the rest of us
2021-10-01, 13:00–13:30, Bariloche

pygeometa is a powerful and simple metadata transformation utility using YAML configurations. This lightweight and flexible tool can be used standalone or as part of larger systems, helping make geospatial metadata workflows easier by reducing repetition and overhead of formal metadata standards. pygeometa is to geospatial metadata as what Sass is to CSS. Come and check out our first ever presentation!

pygeometa provides a lightweight and Pythonic approach for users to easily create geospatial metadata in standards-based formats using simple configuration files (affectionately called metadata control files [MCF]). Leveraging the simple but powerful YAML format, pygeometa can generate metadata in numerous standards. Users can also create their own custom metadata formats which can be plugged into pygeometa for custom metadata format output.

For developers, pygeometa provides a Pythonic API that allows developers to tightly couple metadata generation within their systems and integrate nicely into metadata production pipelines.

The project supports various metadata formats out of the box including ISO 19115, STAC, the WMO Core Metadata Profile, and the WIGOS Metadata Standard. pygeometa has minimal dependencies (install is less than 50 kB), and provides a flexible extension mechanism leveraging the Jinja2 templating system. pygeometa is open source and released under an MIT license.

This presentation will provide an overview of the project as well as key usage examples in WMO, open data and EO communities/projects.

Authors and Affiliations

Tom Kralidis (Meteorological Service of Canada)
Alexandre Leroux (Meteorological Service of Canada)




Standards, interoperability, SDIs


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

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Tom Kralidis is with the Meteorological Service of Canada and longtime contributor to FOSS4G. He contributes to numerous projects in the Geopython ecosystem.

Tom is the co-chair of the OGC API - Records Standards Working Group, chair of the WMO Expert Team on Metadata, and serves on the OSGeo Board.

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