Geospatial Services for All: SERVIR’s Inclusive Approach to Service Design
2021-09-29, 11:00–11:30, Group on Earth Observations

How can the EO science community build inclusive spaces for the development of geospatial services? How can we ensure that the resulting services benefit all of society, particularly the most vulnerable? SERVIR adopted an intentionally inclusive approach to designing geospatial services to ensure that “Open EO” is open to everyone. This approach facilitates a deep understanding of the development challenge - including an understanding of who is impacted, data and information needs, and where to build capacity - by bringing users into the service design process with USAID and NASA. The resulting geospatial services are more responsive to needs of user communities and better support service uptake and sustainability. This talk will present the tools SERVIR uses to conduct an inclusive service design process to help EO practitioners reflect, plan, and act on solutions that benefit all of society.

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Authors and Affiliations

Katherine Casey, Knowledge Management Lead, SERVIR
Jose Leandro R. Fernandes, User Engagement Lead, SERVIR Amazonia


Transition to FOSS4G


FOSS4G implementations in strategic application domains: land management, crisis/disaster response, smart cities, population mapping, climate change, ocean and marine monitoring, etc.


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

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