Case study of data storage for preservation of our archiving system at the National Geographic and Hydrographic Institute of Madagascar
2021-09-30, 08:30–09:00, Aconcagua

So far, we are storing and backing up with the aim of preservation our national heritage numerical data such as vector and raster databases, cartographic and geodetic works, old photography and other documents; whatever their nature and their physical supports are (numeric cartridge, floppy disks, optical magnetic disks, CD-R and DVD-R). In fact, resources are scares and Open Source gives us the advantage of using these resources more efficiently; we are taking advantages from them to make our organization better with QGIS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS to migrate from Shapefiles to rows. Our methodology might be elementary but as far as we believe, not only we would like to share our experiences from our lessons learned; but also developing countries might have same problematic as us regarding to how to preserve their old heritage data. At the end, we would like to present our future long term objective related to the creation of a metadata portal for rational management and optimal use of this archiving system.

This talk will gives audiences a basic concept related to data storage by using progressively FOSS4G. Keywords are PostgreSQL/PostGIS, QGIS and Shapefiles to rows.

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BAOVOLA Marie Anna, National Geographic and Hydrographic of Madagascar


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I am a Computer Scientist by training. I work at the National Geographic and Hydrographic Institute of Madagascar as an Information System Officer. In 2017, I studied Free GIS in Brussels. Since then, I have been a promoter of Open Source and Open Data both at work and giving lectures at the University. In 2018, I was a speaker during FOSS4G in Dar where I am leading the creation of the Madagascar Chapter (still to be confirmed as official). Currently, I'm working for a project related to the implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Madagascar while I enhance my skills about Planning and Management of National Mapping and Surveying in Tsukuba, Japan. I always promote the use of the FOSS. I am a new Fellow of the Women in STEM in Madagascar.