Building mobile apps with MapLibre SDK
2021-09-29, 16:00–16:30, Buenos Aires

Want to learn how to build applications with vector maps for iOS or Android? Looking for more information about MapLibre? Confused about how MapLibre differs from Mapbox? We will explain all that and show how you can add MapLibre and enrich your application by high quality vector maps and custom overlays. We will present the state of the project, the roadmap. We will explain how the MapLibre was forked from Mapbox and how it is maintained. At the end of this talk you should have all you need to get started building mobile apps with MapLibre.

Simple map application use case
Building the application
Building app for Android using MapLibre GL Native, Kotlin and Android Studio
Building app for iOS using MapLibre GL Native, Swift and XCode
The origin of MapLibre - fork setup, versions, how it differs from Mapbox
The state of MapLibre project, roadmap, bindings (Flutter, React Native)
More sample code on GitHub

Authors and Affiliations

Pokorny, Petr
MapTiler, AG


Use cases & applications


Software/Project development


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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