COVERAGE: A Prototype Open Source Technology Platform Enabling Enhanced Access to Inter-agency Satellite Data Products in Support of Ocean Sustainability Applications
2021-10-01, 13:25–13:55, Group on Earth Observations

COVERAGE seeks to provide improved access to multi-agency ocean remote sensing that are better integrated with in-situ and biological observations in support of science and decision support applications for societal benefit. COVERAGE is an international initiative and 3-year pilot project within the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) with links to GEO-MBON and GEO-Blue Planet. It focuses on implementing open source technologies, including cloud-based solutions, to provide a data rich, web-based platform for integrated ocean data delivery and access: multi-parameter observations, easily discoverable and usable, organized thematically, available in near real-time, and complemented by a set of value-added data services, including visualization and analytics. COVERAGE development is organized around priority use cases identified by agency partners. Here we provide an overview of the initiate and technology aspects. Emphasis is also placed on describing the thematic demonstration on the dynamics of high seas tuna fisheries in relation to the environment.

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