Climate Adaptation from the State of Birthing Facility Accessibility for Women in the Philippines in the year 2020
2021-10-01, 08:00–08:30, Humahuaca

As the rapid changes in the landscape of the coastal communities in the Philippine archipelago are undeniably felt brought by the strong typhoons from the Pacific ocean due to the rising global temperature or climate change. This study aims to visualize the accessibility of birthing facilities in the Philippines using the Department of Health’s (DOH) 2020 data that may be used on existing and open frameworks for climate adaptation and disaster adaptation considering that the Philippines ranks 5th among ASEAN nations based on a smart city analysis by the Innovation Cities program. This can be attributed to weak data infrastructure for centralized health systems and the lack of open data and access to information brought about by policy gaps in the National Freedom of Information act on disclosing public information that eventually affected the economy.
Furthermore, this study aims to organize activities in various communities in the country on improving city planning and operations can make the Geographical Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA) more accessible to government services and make the local government responsive to emerging needs of the population using the Sendai framework where the needs of improvements in maternal mortality in the country have largely stagnated ever since the early 90s.

Keywords: Opendata, Health

This is a talk on my findings using Free and Open Source Software in processing data for health and visualization.

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Tasico, Reynier, Ma-Hop Philippines

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Reynier Tasico is a Climate Reality Leader from the Philippines who utilizes data for social good as a mentor in various hackathons who is equipped with data science, management, and basic medical knowledge and skills aside from being the new Lead Advocate of the MapBeks.

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