Watching after your PostGIS herd
2021-09-29, 10:30–11:00, Salta

In this talk I will explain how you can set up a PostGIS as a service solution using the open source tools Patroni, Spilo and Postgres Operator by Zalando.

In this talk I will explain how you can set up PostGIS as a service with the container orchestration framework Kubernetes. At Zalando we are managing thousand of PostgreSQL clusters and had to find a way to make the database experience for developers as easy as possible. Today they can create new clusters or run major version upgrades themselves with a click of a button. High availability, point-in-time-recovery, role provisioning and monitoring come out of the box. Engineering teams are more independent and can move faster while not boring the database administrators with repetitive operational tasks. The Zalando DBAs on the other hand aim to improve the cloud native Postgres experience and develop open source tools such us Patroni, Spilo or Postgres Operator which will be presented.

I joined Zalando in 2019 as a PostGIS user and want to share some of my learning of becoming a database engineer.

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Kunde, Felix - Zalando SE, Berlin Germany




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2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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Database Engineer at Zalando SE. PostGIS user and teacher. Has also worked on traffic data mining and 3D city models. Regularly presenting at FOSS4G conferences since 2012.