Bringing language support to pygeoapi
2021-09-29, 15:00–15:30, Córdoba

The pygeoapi project easily allows developers to build their own data providers. This talk describes the creation process of a bilingual OGC API Records provider and how it led to a pull request that brought multilingual support to pygeoapi.

The Canadian Geospatial Platform (CGP) has recently built an open REST API, known as the geoCore API, that offers users the ability to return metadata records both in French and English. As part of the OGC API Records code sprint, a pygeoapi data provider was developed that queries CGP's REST API.

However, pygeoapi did not provide a mechanism yet that allowed us to query the CGP records in the desired language. Furthermore, pygeoapi's web frontend was available in a single language only and featured lots of hard-coded text strings.

To solve this problem, a PR was created that made pygeoapi language aware and allowed users to request data in their language of choice using either a query parameter or an Accept-Language header.

This talk will discuss the difficulties faced when adding language support and demonstrate the resulting pygeoapi provider and the technologies used to implement it.

Authors and Affiliations

Van Genuchten, Paul - GeoCat BV, The Netherlands
Lu, Bo - Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Canada
Melnick-MacDonald, Christopher - Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Canada
Kralidis, Tom - Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Canada
Garnett, Jody - GeoCat Inc. Canada


Use cases & applications


Standards, interoperability, SDIs


3 - Medium. Advanced knowledge is recommended.

Language of the Presentation


Software Engineer at GeoCat BV, The Netherlands. Pythonista and Product Owner of GeoCat Bridge QGIS plugin.

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