Open Source and Open Data: the building blocks for a Geo-harmonized understanding of our environment
2021-10-01, 09:30–10:00, European Commission

In this talk, we will present a 2fold 3years initiative that builds on open source and open data. It is a story of harmonization and accessibility, all supported by free and open source for geospatial - foss4g. It is the story of the Geo-harmonizer.
Geo-harmonizer stands for EU-wide automated mapping system for harmonization of Open Data based on FOSS4G and Machine Learning and it is unfolding in 2 ways. On one hand, significant efforts have been invested into obtaining new added value time series map products based on open sources for remote sensing data, such as Landsat, Sentinel, MODIS etc. , machine learning frameworks on cloud infrastructure and using High Performance Computing. On the other hand, efforts have been dedicated to the development of web-base, scalable and modular system fit to provide hosting and accessibility to various time series thematic geospatial map products. This system translates into an intuitive and very responsive data portal using open source software, such as Geoserver and GeoNetwork.

This is a European story, yet our approach is replicable everywhere in the world, towards a complete, harmonised and cross-boundaries understating of our environment through open data and open source - a Geo-harmonised approach.

This talk gives an overview on all activities developed during the first 2 years of the Geo-harmonizer initiative, with an emphasis on the foss4g usage and development, as well as the open data used to obtain harmonised cross-boundaries geospatial datasets.

Authors and Affiliations

Landa, Martin (1), Brodsky, Lukas (1)
(1) Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Hengl, Tomislav (2), Parente, Leandro (2)
(2) OpenGeoHub, The Netherlands
Ilie, Codrina (3), Craciunescu, Vasile (3)
(3) Terrasigna, Romania
Neteler, Markus (4), Metz, Markus (4)
(4) mundialis, Germany
Krizan, Josip (5),
(5) MultiOne, Croatia


Use cases & applications


Data collection, data sharing, data science, open data, big data, data exploitation platforms


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

Language of the Presentation


Codrina Ilie is a technical geographer, an open source GIS power user, actively working in improving open data services development at Terrasigna. Since 2013, Codrina has been a Charter Member of the OSGeo and currently servers on the OSGeo Board of Directors.