State of GDAL
2021-09-29, 10:00–10:30, Córdoba

State of GDAL presents the latest updates on the GDAL community and new features (drivers, tools) of versions 3.1 to 3.3

We will focus on recent developments and achievements in recent GDAL versions. In particular, new drivers such as FlatGeoBuf, Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF, EXR, HEIF, OGC API Tiles/Maps/Coverage, STAC Tiled Assets or the infrastructure to write vector drivers in Python. We will also present the multidimensional raster API and its tools. New utilities like gdal_viewshed will be introduced. The state and health of the community and its challenges will also be covered.

Authors and Affiliations

Even ROUAULT, Spatialys




Software status / state of the art


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

Language of the Presentation


Chair of the GDAL Project Steering Committee.
Manager of Spatialys, consultency specialized in free and open source geospatial software development (GDAL, PROJ, Mapserver, QGIS, ...)

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