A view into the SABIA-MAR satellite mission
2021-09-29, 17:00–17:45, Malena Libman

The Argentinian Space Agency - CONAE along with the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) are currently carrying out the ocean color satellite mission SABIA-Mar in the context of the National Space Plan. SABIA-Mar is planned to be a constellation of two satellites oriented to the support of blue economy. The first of them, SABIA-Mar 1, is the one currently being developed by CONAE.

The main objective of this mission is to provide information and products for the study of marine ecosystems, carbon cycle, coastal dynamics and marine habitats, according to UN Sustainable Development Goals and the national initiative Pampa Azul. With a scheduled launch in 2023, SABIA-Mar 1 will perform in the visible and infrared bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. This will provide valuable information for a wide community of users within scientific, productive and decision making areas.

Authors and Affiliations

Carolina Tauro (1)

(1) Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE)


Use cases & applications


Sensors, remote sensing, laser-scanning, structure from motion


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

Language of the Presentation


Carolina Tauro is Principal Investigador of the SABIA-Mar ocean color mission of CONAE. She works for CONAE since 2009, developing models and algorithms to generate satellite products. She worked for the SAC-D/Aquarius mission. Carolina is a lecturer at Gulich Institute and member of the Pampa Azul Council.