Deploying QGIS using command line options.
2021-09-30, 16:00–16:30, Salta

Whether for your own use or deploying QGIS in a enterprise setting having knowledge of the command landline options is extremely useful. As well as giving a brief overview of the available command lines this talk will show how the command line options can be used to deploy QGIS silently within a Windows environment.

This talk will give a brief summary of the command line options available to QGIS to open it with specific UI config and certain plugins already set for use. It will also give a demonstration of how these options can be used in a simple batch file to deploy QGIS within a windows environment

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Matt Travis




Software/Project development


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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Geospatial consultant at Astun Technology.
QGIS user and promoter.
Treasurer for OSGeo:UK