Creating Spatial REST APIs in 25 minutes with GeoDjango
2021-09-30, 15:00–15:30, Puerto Iguazú

This talk explains the easy and effective way to develop REST API within a couple of minutes using GeoDjango and Django Rest Framework. These APIs will use filtering such as Distance and Radius or BBOX, etc. to query and return the result in GeoJSON format.

GeoDjango is an amazing plugin built on top of a super fast and stable Python framework Django. In this talk, we'll walk through the packages such as
1. Django Rest Framework
2. Django Rest Framework GIS
3. Geodjango
4. Django Filters

In order to understand how to create a standard API which will take several parameters or body as an input to GET, PUT, POST, DELETE spatial data.
We'll be developing spatial queries on top of normal text-based queries and we'll get the data in GeoJSON format which can be utilized directly by mapping JS libraries such as OpenLayers, Leaflet.js, etc.

Authors and Affiliations

Krishna Lodha(1)

Requirements for the Attendees

Basic knowledge of django framework


Use cases & applications


Software/Project development


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

Language of the Presentation


Hello, world!
I'm Krishna, I am a Freelance GIS Developer. Most part of my day goes into thinking about how can I make more complex GIS applications using nothing but a cup of coffee and Open-source technologies

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