SMASH and Geopaparazzi, state of the art of the digital field mapping projects.
2021-09-29, 14:00–14:30, Buenos Aires

All the new features of the digital field mapping app SMASH. All you should know about the future of the Geopaparazzi project. If you are a surveyor, that's the right talk for you.

For over a decade Geopaparazzi has been one of the few digital field mapping apps of the Osgeo firmament. After that many years in use a natural evolution happened and lead to SMASH, a more user-friendly, modern, faster to develop and cross platform app for the eyes of IOS, Android, but also Macos and Linux users. In few years SMASH has covered the featureset of geopaparazzi and is moving forward quickly. Geopackage and PostGIS editing support, Kalman filter on gps logs, geo-fences, native geotiff and shapefile visualization support, SLD styling for vector datasets – are some of the features that were added, that geopaparazzi doesn’t have.
The Survey Server has been redesigned with the same technology used by SMASH and has now the ability to visualize data in the same look and feel as the mobile app. Notes serverside-versioning has been introduced to enhance synchronization of data by teams. A redmine plugin is being developed by community members to create a geo-ticketing system.
This presentations gives an insight about the state of the art of the SMASH and Geopaparazzi projects and their current roadmaps.

Authors and Affiliations

Andrea Antonello (1) (2)
Silvia Franceschi (1)

(1) HydroloGIS S.r.l.
(2) Free University of Bolzano




Software status / state of the art


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

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Environmental engineer addicted to scientific GIS development, playing in the field of hydrologic and geomorphologic modelling. Cofounder of the engineering consulting company HydroloGIS, lecturer of Advanced Geomatics at the Free University of Bolzano. OSGeo charter member and coordinator of the open source projects Hortonmachine, Geopaparazzi and SMASH digital field mapping.

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