gvSIG MApps, framework for the development of mobile applications oriented towards mapping and geographic data management
2021-09-29, 10:30–11:00, Ushuaia

gvSIG Mapps is a framework for the development of mobile GIS applications (Android / iOS) that connects directly with gvSIG Online through the API rest, allowing the development of custom projects or the work with workspaces already created in gvSIG Online.

gvSIG Mapps provides support for viewing and editing maps deployed on the server, as well as database access services, push notifications, geolocation, task management, etc. and complex graphic components following the Atomic Design philosophy. This framework allows to create plugins with specific functionality of our business and incorporate them into the application taking advantage of all the functionality already developed in the core of the framework.

gvSIG Mapps is a framework for the development of mobile GIS applications (Android / iOS) oriented to cartography management. The first part of the presentation will be dedicated to a general presentation of gvSIG MApps, a structure destined to the development of mobile applications with geographic components, both for Android and iOS. The applications created can be integrated with gvSIG Online. gvSIG MApps is in constant evolution, with the creation of new applications on a regular basis. It is designed to allow users to create an unlimited number of customized applications related to GIS.
The applications created thanks to gvSIG MApps allow the users to generate and manage geographic information, and to download and edit this information with the other products of gvSIG Suite (gvSIG Desktop and Online).
The second part of the presentation will be focused on the applications launched thanks to gvSIG MApps, such as emergency alerts (firefighters...), beaches’ attendance management –Covid 19 context–, touristic infrastructures, agricultural damages or multimodal route planner / calculator among others.

Authors and Affiliations
  • Mario Carrera. gvSIG Association.
  • Matéo Boudon. gvSIG Association



Software status / state of the art


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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GIS Consultant - gvSIG Association. Graduated with a Maters's degree in GIS, urban planning and transition engineering, Grenoble Alpes University, France

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