I hated the way GRASS started so I changed it
2021-09-30, 08:00–08:30, Humahuaca

In the past, few people would have described GRASS GIS as intuitive. Therefore, it was even more surprising when I got this response from beginner students! Come and listen to a presentation talking about the new generation of GRASS GUI. You will be surprised by the intuitive start, convenient data organization, GRASS in dark theme mode, and many other pleasant functions which me and the development team have prepared for you. Stay tuned!

This talk will highlight the major improvements of the GRASS GUI in version 8 which is much more user-friendly to existing users as well as to completely new ones.

Authors and Affiliations

Linda Kladivova (1)
Vaclav Petras (2)
Anna Petrasova (2)
The GRASS GIS Development Team (3)

(1) Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
(2) Center for Geospatial Analytics, North Carolina State University, USA
(3) Global




Software status / state of the art


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

Language of the Presentation


Linda Kladivova studies the first year of Ph.D. at Czech Technical University in Prague. Her experience with the GRASS project started during the Google Summer of Code 2020 and continued with the implementation of the first-time user mode within her master thesis.

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