gvSIG Online as a Spatial Data Infrastructure in local administration: success stories
2021-09-29, 10:00–10:30, Ushuaia

During this presentation, we will give an overview of the success stories related to the implementation of
the gvSIG technology in different municipalities and other local administrations. We will do a brief
presentation of the gvSIG Suite, then show which products of this suite have been implemented, and what
are the positive consequences and effects related with these products in local administrations.

We are aware of all the benefits related with implementing a technological solution to manage geographic
information in the scope of a local administration. This is why the gvSIG Association developed and
implemented solutions in free software to manage geographic information in many local administrations
and municipalities. The gvSIG Suite is currently impacting positively many different local administrations
and we will during this presentation show examples of success stories related to the implementation of our
technology in these municipalities. The main aim of this presentation is to show examples of how the open
source software solutions of the gvSIG Suite improve municipal management and can become essential
tools in the daily life of a municipality, regardless of its size, and to give an overview of the advantages of
using gvSIG Suite for the municipalities: technological independence, payment for services and not for
licenses (and their corresponding annual "mortgages"), ease of use, joining and growing in the Community,
support from local industry...
We are going to have a particular focus on several municipality of between 20.000 and 30.000 inhabitants,
which required, on the one hand, a platform such as gvSIG Online to implement the Spatial Data
Infrastructure and be able to generate with (extreme) ease and without limitations as many geoportals
(public and/or private) as necessary; on the other hand, they required a mobile application, such as gvSIG
Mobile 2.0 for Android, to collect data in the field... in order to carry out the entire municipal inventory. By
having a look at the results of the project (entire georeferenced municipal inventory successfully carried
out, multitude of thematic geoportals generated …), it is an exemplary project for many municipalities that
are looking for a solution to manage their geographic information.

Authors and Affiliations

Boudon, Mateo (1) gvSIG Association
Carrera Rodriguez, Mario (2) gvSIG Association


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1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

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GIS Consultant - gvSIG Association. Graduated with a Maters's degree in GIS, urban planning and transition engineering, Grenoble Alpes University, France

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