Lizmap to create a Web Map Application with QGIS Desktop and Server
2021-09-30, 08:00–08:30, Puerto Iguazú

In 2021, Lizmap is 10 years old. Lizmap is an Open Source application to create web map applications, based on a QGIS project. It's composed of a QGIS plugin and a Web Client. Lizmap has been designed to take advantage of QGIS Server to facilitate the creation of Web maps. We will present the state of the project, the last changes using on a QGIS Server plugin and futur perspectives.

At 3Liz, we are QGIS and PostGIS lovers. We are contributors of QGIS, mainly QGIS Server. We promote Open Source GIS solutions, mainly OSGeo, to our customers.

In 2011, we decided to develop, as an Open Source Software, the Lizmap solution. The design of Lizmap aimed to publish Web Mapping applications with QGIS. The objective of Lizmap is to design and configure web mapping applications with QGIS desktop and only with it. No coding skills are needed. Lizmap takes full advantages of QGIS Server: symbology, labels, table relationships, print layouts, forms, etc.

Lizmap consists of 2 tools: * Lizmap plugin allows to configure the options and tools of the web mapping application based on the QGIS project * Lizmap Web Client, running on a server with QGIS Server, delivers the user interface of the web mapping application from the QGIS project and the Lizmap configuration.

Lizmap offers the possibility to publish simple web mapping applications for data consultation, but also to build advanced applications allowing map printing, data editing, search, dataviz, etc.

Lizmap is also extensible. It is possible to add your own JavaScript and to use Lizmap modules (to add some extra features on top of Lizmap).

Finally, Lizmap benefits from a growing community (localizations, documentation, JavaScripts, bug triaging, etc) and it is used all over the world (Indian ocean environment survey, Georice in South-East Asia, SAERI in South Atlantic, etc).

Authors and Affiliations

René-Luc DHONT (3liz), Michaël DOUCHIN (3liz)




Software status / state of the art


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

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For 15 years, I have been working with OSGeo software. I co-founded 3Liz in 2007 to provide services on OSGeo software. In 2011, with Michaël DOUCHIN, we launched Lizmap. I am also QGIS core developer and QGIS Server maintainer.