Google Summer of Code Presentation
2021-09-30, 08:30–11:00, Puerto Madryn

The participants of this year's Google Summer of Code on OSGeo projects will present their work and their experiences contributing to OSGeo projects.

This year, 12 students were assigned an OSGeo project to contribute to this Summer.

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Authors and Affiliations

Shinde, Rajat (1)
Chauhan, Rahul (1)

(1) Coordinator of OSGeo in the GSoC (OSGeo GSoC Organization Administration Team)


Francesco Bursi -
Linda Kladivova -,
Caitlin Haedrich -
Aaron Saw Min Sern -
Aniket Giri -
Aryan Kenchappagol -
Sandeep Saurav -
Sourav Singh -
Ayoub Fatihi -
Ashish Kumar -
Veenit Kumar -
Han WANG -


Community / OSGeo


Software/Project development


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

Language of the Presentation


OSGeo Charter Member,
ZOO-Project PSC Member,
OSGeo GSoC Admin,
OSGeo GSoC Mentor for MapMint Project,
Ph.D. Candidate @ IIT Bombay, India

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