MapFish Print, the Classic Printing Component for the Backend
2021-10-01, 14:00–14:30, Bariloche

MapFish Print is a mature server software for printing maps. A template allows users to define a layout, including elements for maps, legends, grids, alphanumeric tables and more. Clients request a print-out by a JSON request and fill in information like bounding-box, layers or data. The final report will be rendered either as PDF or as a raster image and returned to the client. We will present a summary of existing features as well as new and planned features of MapFish Print.

MapFish Print is a Java-based Open-Source Software (BSD-2 license) for printing maps on the server. MapFish Print is a mature printing component for the backend (opposed to frontend solutions like inkmap: and as such integrated in several Open Source Web-Mapping frameworks like GeoMapFish or geOrchestra.
MapFish Print can be deployed as a WAR-file in a Servlet Container (for example Tomcat) or can be integrated into cloud environments with prebuilt Docker images. MapFish Print’s core printing library can also be integrated into other projects programmatically.
MapFish Print supports common formats and standards (WMS, WFS, WMTS, GeoJSON, ...) and gives access to rich cartographic features like rotations, grids, north-arrow or legends and multi-page printing. The layout is defined by a JasperReports template and a YAML configuration file. Clients will then request a concrete print-out with a JSON-Request.
We will present several examples of existing features as well as show new features, for example tiled WMS with buffered tiles for rendering large areas without label conflicts.

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Björn Höfling




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Björn Höfling is a GIS/Java developer and works at Camptocamp Germany.