Geospatial programming with Rust
2021-10-01, 10:00–10:30, Córdoba

Rust is one of the emerging new programming languages which is well suited for geospatial applications and especially libraries. It was originally developed by Mozilla as a long-term replacement for C++. It's a modern language with excellent tooling and Stack Overflow's most loved language for four years in a row.
This talk gives an introduction into Rust and an overview of the current state of geospatial libraries and applications.

FOSS4G has always been a conference where geospatial develeopers meet for discussions. So in a year without the possibility of having a beer, a talk dedicated to developers could be a motivation for attending anyway.

Authors and Affiliations

Pirmin Kalberer (1)

(1) Sourcepole, Switzerland




Software/Project development


4 - Advanced. High technical knowledge required.

Language of the Presentation


Pirmin is a geospatial software developer since more than 15 years. He has contributed to GDAL, QGIS, T-Rex and several other projects. Pirmin is co-founder of Sourcepole, a Swiss company providing GIS services and solutions.

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