One Arabesque in the small world of OD webmaps
2021-10-01, 09:30–10:00, Academic

Arabesque is an application for the exploration and geovisualisation of origin-destination flows (or spatial networks),
developed within the framework of the Univ. Gustave Eiffel (ex.IFSTTAR)-funded research project geographic flow visualisation (gflowiz)
geoflowiz, in collaboration with the CNRS.

It allows both the exploration and the filtering of OD data and their representation, with a strong emphasis on geographic
information layering and features's semiology. The key-objective is to propose an easy way to produce a modern cartography
(a geovisualisation) of thematic flows (e.g. bilateral flow volume), at several geographic scales, even from your own datasets.

Arabesque allows flow mapping from a modern web browser like Mozilla or Chrome.Its development benefits from several well known open-source data-visualisation, mapping and geo-processing libraries (OpenLayers, d3, TurfJS) and build also upon well known open data-sets (OpenStreetMap, NaturalEarthData).

A demonstration of Arabesque will be offered during the conference.
The analysis of its functionalities will be compared with those of similar web applications— Magrit,,, Tableau, Carto.db and Flourish —which will be compared on the same flow dataset, for a practical and empirical "validation" of its contributions.

Authors and Affiliations

Nicolas Roelandt
GIS engineer, FOSS4G advocate, OSGeoLive PSC and OSGeo-fr member






2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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