GeoMapFish und QGIS Server
2021-09-30, 14:30–15:00, Aconcagua

With the combination of GeoMapFish and QGIS Server, creating and managing a WebGIS has become easier. The versatile symbolization and labeling options of QGIS Desktop are readily adopted in GeoMapFish. With the Access Control QGIS plugin, rights control over the data is guaranteed. In this presentation the features of the latest release 2.6 of GeoMapFish will be shown in interaction with QGIS Desktop and QGIS Server.

GeoMapFish is an open source platform for the development of web-based geographic information systems (WebGIS). It is rich in functionalities, highly customizable and based on the latest technologies and standards in the field. It offers several interfaces: Desktop, Mobile, Administration and some more for specific purposes (e.g. connections to specific specialized applications), as well as an API for integrating maps with third party applications. Based on OGC standards (WMS, WFS), a GeoMapFish application enables the transfer of geospatial data in the form of services for desktop clients or other web clients. Currently, version 2.6 of GeoMapFish is in preparation.

As backend map server GeoMapFish supports MapServer, QGIS Server and Geoserver. QGIS Server was first integrated with version 1.6. Starting with GeoMapFish 2.2 specific QGIS features were used and lately more and more GeoMapFish projects use QGIS Server.

With QGIS Server the configuration of the layers is defined in QGIS Desktop and stored in a QGIS project. The symbology is then directly transferred to GeoMapFish. The integration of data and any changes to the configuration run smoothly and benefit from the many advantages and options of QGIS Desktop.

The Access Control QGIS plugin allows fine-grained rights control over the data: certain layers and attributes can only be visible to certain users. The configuration is set in QGIS Desktop. The plugin allows the connection of external authentication and user management systems. The rights management also integrates coherently with other map sources in the project.

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Bolognini, Yves
Camptocamp SA, Switzerland




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2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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Project manager at Camptocamp SA, Yves is also product leader for the Open Source WebGIS project GeoMapFish