Lopa (Moon) Application for the Samburu Indigenous Community
2021-10-01, 09:30–10:00, Group on Earth Observations

Lopa (Moon) Application is a platform that I have been working on to build, working closely with the leaders of Samburu Indigenous community in Northern Kenya and the Geo-Indigenous Alliance. The solution seeks to combine EO data, weather data and traditional indigenous knowledge of moving stars, planets and the moon, and the behaviors of livestock and wildlife to enhance Samburu community’s resilience to climate change and disaster risk preparedness.
The idea was shared to the GEO-Indigenous Alliance Community during the GEO-Indigenous Hack4COVID 19 Hackthon last year. It's an exciting project that we hope can be replicated and scaled to benefit other indigenous communities across the world.

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I am the Founder & CTO of Geo-Appsmith. With experience in GIS, Remote Sensing and Mapping and my current focus is on deploying attention-grabbing solutions that meet the needs of under-served communities. My approach is firmly based in the principles of user centered, participatory design, simplicity and results.