Professional multi-user editing with gvSIG Desktop
2021-09-29, 11:00–11:30, Ushuaia

During this presentation, the participants will discover the new version control system and advanced editing tools that have been developed for gvSIG Desktop. With the new version control system, users will be able to edit vector layers and recover the situation of the geometries in a concrete time, very useful for some projects such as the vertical and horizontal sign management on a road or in a municipality. In addition, several advanced editing tools have been included in gvSIG, in order to increase the potential of vector editing.

The version control system is a new powerful tool that has been developed for gvSIG Desktop. It is based on the centralization of information to be shared between users, and unlike a normal server, it remembers the changes that have been made to their data. It should be noted that it doesn't store only information, but also the information as well as the modifications users make on it.

Apart from the version control system, the last version of gvSIG Desktop includes not only new functionalities for advanced editing but also improvements in the existing tools that have increased the potential of the application. The most outstanding novelty is the new expression manager that has been applied to the filter tool, the field calculator or the editing tools, allowing the selection of elements or the fill in of registers on the table based on geoprocessing tools.

Authors and Affiliations
  • Mario Carrera. gvSIG Association
  • Matéo Boudon. gvSIG Association



Software status / state of the art


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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