Beyond The Hype: One Year Running Addresscloud on 100% Serverless
2021-09-29, 15:00–15:30, Humahuaca

Serverless enables geospatial developers to build applications without worrying about servers or containers. In this session we will look at the advantages and challenges of serverless for geospatial, drawing on Addresscloud's experience as an early adopter and insights gained from using serverless to power production geocoding and location intelligence services.

What’s it like to run a geospatial service without any servers?

Addresscloud is a Software-as-a-Service for geographic risk and location intelligence. Addresscloud is powered by FOSS; using a combination of PostGIS, COGs, Elasticsearch, Vector Tiles, MapLibre GL and GeoJSON our APIs are used by millions of consumers in the insurance, finance and logistics sectors across Europe and North America.

In 2020 we completed a re-architecture of our service to become 100% serverless. As early adopters of serverless for geospatial this talk will explore the advantages of serverless, demonstrating how it has improved our scalability, reliability and consistency of service, and enabled us to become more competitive. We will also share our experience of the transition and the challenges faced, particularly around developer learning curves, system observability and complexity. The presentation will be useful for members of the community looking to use their favourite FOSS tools to build geospatial applications in the cloud.

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Tomas Holderness, Addresscloud, United Kingdom


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Tomas is the CTO of Addresscloud where he leads research and development of geographic risk and location intelligence services. Tomas has a PhD in Geoinformatics from Newcastle University, and is a Chartered Geographer (CGeog).