Swissforages: the Free and Open-Source Borehole Data Management System
2021-09-29, 15:30–16:00, Aconcagua is swisstopo's web-based geospatial open source application for the simple, structured compilation of geological borehole data. With, you can record, harmonize and export borehole data for your own use from anywhere, without licenses and independent of the platform.

Most of the time boreholes data, particularly those collected in the past, are in the form of static data reports that describe the stratigraphy and the related characteristics; these data types are generally available as paper documents, or static files like .pdf of images (.ai). While very informative, these documents are not searchable, not interoperable nor easily reusable, since they require a non negligible time for data integration. Sometime, data are archived into database. This certainly improve the find-ability of the data and its accessibility but still do not address the interoperability requirement and therefore, combining data from different sources remain a problematic task. To enable FAIR borehole data and facilitate the different entities (public or private) management Swisstopo ( has funded the development of a Web application named Borehole Data Management System (BDMS) that adopt the borehole data model implemented by the Swiss Geological Survey. From the first beta release (2019) several improvements to the platform has been implemented leading to the last official release of the platform (v1.0.3) officially available on github. The latest released features includes:
- Borehole document storage
- Interface customization
- Improved access & authorization managemnt
- External WMS/WMTS background map support
- User feedbacks form
- Enter as guest
- Handling of personalized and versioned terms of service
- Enhanced bulk data import
- Minor enhancements and bug fixes
- Easy installation with docker
- and many more..

Authors and Affiliations

Cannata Massimiliano (1), Hoffmann Marcus (1), Antonovic P. Milan (1), Brodhag Sabine (2), Oesterling Nils (2), (1) Istituto scienze della Terra - SUPSI, (2) Federal Office of Topography - swisstopo




Data collection, data sharing, data science, open data, big data, data exploitation platforms


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

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Since the 2008 he's in SUPSI in the Division of Geomatics at the Institute of Earth Science. Over the years he was engaged with the development of various web applications and services within local and international research projects.