Live Coding Mapbox and React Apps with Typescript and Web Components
2021-09-29, 15:00–16:00, Bariloche

Build web mapping applications faster and with less pain using Typescript and Web Components. Typescript helps you code faster by giving you immediate feedback on errors, but also insight into function parameters, available methods and documentation. Web Components and component driven design make it easier to build complex applications by divvying up responsibilities. They also make it easy to share and deploy your applications across the web. The included approaches apply equally well to Angular, Vue, etc., and other mapping libraries like Google Maps, Leaflet and Open Layers.

I'm the Senior Software Engineer at ZevRoss Spatial Analysis, where we have 20 years of experience conducting research in the fields of environmental health, exposure assessment, natural resources and urban planning. The company has helped to unravel geographic and temporal patterns in data for clients ranging from the World Health Organization and Fortune 500 companies to universities and small non-profit organizations. Company research has been published in high impact journals and cited by The New York Times, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, and other major media outlets across the country.

This talk will be useful for anyone developing web mapping applications and is interested in Typescript as a more efficient and enjoyable paradigm when working with Javascript. Web components enable easier reuse of discrete UI components, and mirror the component driven design principles that are already at the heart of the major web frameworks. This talk could be useful for anyone who is just getting started with web mapping, but will probably be more useful to those who already have some familiarity with building web apps using Mapbox or one of the other mapping libraries.

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Chris Marx
ZevRoss Spatial Analysis, NY, USA




Software/Project development


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

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Chris Marx is currently a Senior Software Engineer at ZevRoss Spatial Analysis and before worked for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He has 15 years of experience building web applications that push the boundaries for GIS on the web.