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Addressing the Last Mile Delivery Challenge in Environmental Data
Jeffrey Allenby

Partners throughout the environmental world often struggle with integrating the right data, information, and analysis tools into their workflows. This happens for a variety of reasons, but often can be reduced to the fact that they are under-resourced to make use of new opportunities. There are increasingly sophisticated tools and datasets that are being made available, however the uptake of these capabilities, especially to inform local-scale decision making, is lagging within the environmental sector.

To overcome this challenge, there is a need for partners to play an integrating role in the environmental world; focusing on ensuring local partners are aware of the emerging resources that now exist to address their challenges, have access to the software and technology needed to seamlessly incorporate it in their workflows, and understand their unique challenges without relying on a "one size fits all" approach.

This session will focus on lessons learned from the work of the Center for Geospatial Analysis working with partners of all sizes to help identify pathways that deliver real improvements to decision making by integrating data and technology. Additionally, the session will highlight remaining large scale "questions" that deserve additional focus from the FOSS4G community about how new efforts can be focused on solving these challenges.

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