With 15 years experience in the field of GIS, I founded GISCAN in 2015.
I am an opensource enthusiast and I strongly believe that opensource offers huge opportunities in terms of information sharing management and processing of data.

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State and marine application of NodeMicMac (opensource photogrammetry software)

Photogrammetry is one of the first step after data acquisition before proceeding to indepth analysis of a subject. Nowadays, several opensource photogrammetry softwares are being developed and are available such as Meshroom, OpenDroneMap, Visual SFM, Colmap, Regard 3D, OpenMVG among others. MicMac forms part of these photogrammetry softwares released by French Geographic Institute (IGN). MicMac uses a lot of command lines related to alcoholic drinks. Since these atypical command lines are not easily understandable, an alternative method to use micmac applications has been developed to facilitate usage of these command lines. Using technology embedded by OpenDroneMap with its nodes (lightweight Javascript REST API) allows users to apply MicMac to UAV/UAS imagery with effective results (Points cloud, 3D Mesh, Orthophotography, Digital Elevation Model, ...).

I closely follow NodeODM and regularly update NodeMicMac to ensure that the updated version is available on WebODM. I also implement new features that are not currently available in NodeMicMac but can still be accessible on MicMac.

This talk aims at introducing MICMAC and its features to those who are not acquainted to this opensource software and its various applications in different sectors.

Furthermore, it will focus on futures development and plans such as implementation of rolling shutter, reports ... And, a few case studies of implementation of micmac in marine sector above and underwater (data acquisition done using various methods: kitesurf, paddle, drones, diving etc) will also be presented. This includes Underwater 3D modeling, coral bleaching among others.

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