Walter Lorenzetti

WebGis application server-client developer.
Django, Python expertise.
Main developer of G3W-SUITE.

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G3W-SUITE: in OS framework for publishing and managing QGIS projects on the Web
Walter Lorenzetti

G3W-SUITE ( is a modular, client-server application (based on QGIS-Server) for managing and publishing interactive QGIS cartographic projects of various kinds in a totally independent, simple and fast way.
The application can organize cartographic contents in a hierarchic way, helping the content management in structured contexts, such as public institutions, parks, companies etc.
Accessing administration, consultation of projects, editing functions and use of different modules are based on a hierarchic system of user profiling, open to editing and modulation.
The suite is made up of two main components: G3W-ADMIN (based on Django and Python) as the web administration interface and G3W-CLIENT (based on OpenLayer and Vue) as the cartographic client.
They communicate through a series of API REST which makes them totally interchangeable.
The application is compatible with QGIS 3.16 LTR and it is based on strong integration with the QGIS API.
The python QGIS APIs are used at multiple levels inside the suite from OGC WMS, WFS and WCS services to direct access to vector data.
G3W-SUITE is released on GitHub with Mozilla Public Licence 2.0