Benoît Blanc

GIS Developer at Oslandia since 2020.

He is mainly working on QWC2 (QGIS Web Client), and also on QGIS plugins.

Oslandia is a french company providing services in Open Source GIS, especially QGIS and PostGIS.

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QGIS, Football, what else ?
Benoît Blanc

For more than 20 years, many professional football (soccer) clubs have been interested in data to analyse their team performances in order to be as competitive as possible. The amount of data being acquired has increased significantly in the last few years and new metrics are emerging regularly.

Some companies like Statsbomb or Opta are specialized in football data acquisition. They opened a part of their API, giving everyone the chance to create awesome visualisations or to prove that their favourite team is the best... This data is now used by analysts, technical staff of teams, medias and even fans.

As football is a game defined in a specific space (the pitch) and time (90 minutes), we can use GIS to analyse tracking and event data.

The purpose of this talk is to show that these spatio-temporal data can be imported into QGIS, thanks to the new QSoccer plugin. We could then exploit the different QGIS and PostGIS facilities so as to understand what is going on in a match.

Use Cases and Applications
Easily publish your QGIS projects on the web with QWC2
Benoît Blanc

QWC2 (QGIS Web Client 2) is the official web application of QGIS, that allows you to publish your projects with the same rendering, thanks to QGIS Server. The environment is composed of a front-end framework and several server-side micro-services which enhance the basic functionalities of QWC2.

This talk aims at introducing this application with some micro-services and to show how easy it is to publish your own QGIS projects on the web, either with a web administration interface, or with a QGIS plugin. It will also be an opportunity to discover the last new features that have been developed in the past year and ideas for future improvements.