Ismail Sunni

A software engineer who has an interest in open source geospatial and its community. I am from Indonesia but currently based in Germany and helping to grow the QGIS community in Indonesia.

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Building Open Source Community in Pandemic
Ismail Sunni, Muhammad Iqnaul Haq

Building an open-source community is already a huge effort. The covid-19 pandemic made this even harder. We started the QGIS Indonesia community - then it called QGIS ID, an Indonesian QGIS User Group while trying to overcome the pandemic. We manage to have one big meet-up before any social meeting is prohibited. As a new entity, we need to emphasize our existence through a couple of activities. In the circumstance of these limitations, we need to think more innovatively to look for some ways to keep the action of this community. We do not want this pandemic to dampen our enthusiasm for developing the newly formed community. one of the keys to deal with tough situations is adaptation. Upon the limitations to meet physically, we plan some events whereby all participants may join from everywhere, even without the need to leave their house.
In this talk, we manage to build the QGIS ID community by creating several online events and also what challenges that we faced. We want to share what we did and hopefully, it can be an inspiration for other open-source communities. We will also share what’s our strategy to run the community without too much administration because we believe the community is the people and the other things can be done later.

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