Daniel Urda

M.Sc. in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems from Politehnica University of Bucharest and VU University of Amsterdam, interested in developing software applications for geographical analysis. Participant at various national and international FOSS4G events since 2012. OSGeo Charter member and member of the local Romanian chapter, geo-spatial.org.


METEO Romania INSPIRE(D) Implementation
Daniel Urda

Full compliance with the INSPIRE Directive across member states is one of the important objectives of the European Union. From a meteorological point of view, access to standardized data across national borders would be a major accomplishment significantly simplifying use of such data in various domains (agriculture, transportation etc). The need for standardised data is even more stringent considering the large quantity of data collected by the Romanian National Meteorological Administration: 10 meteorological data sets, 31 meteorological parameters, more than 230 weather stations, and over 500000 daily records starting from 1960, some of them being updated every 6 hours. In order to efficiently store and distribute all this data while respecting the various European and global standards specific to the meteorological domain (INSPIRE, GRIB, BUFR), a full stack of open-source technologies and applications was used (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Hale Studio, GeoServer, GeoNetwork, MapStore, GeoHealthCheck etc).
For a fully conforming INSPIRE implementation, the standardized Open Geospatial Consortium (OGS) INSPIRE services (OGS CSW discovery services, OGS WMS view services, OGS WFS download services) were used and fine-tuned to provide all necessary metadata and interlinking, in accordance with existing regulations, technical requirements and nascent best practices.
To complement these standard mapping services, a series of auxiliary tools were implemented, such as a web mapping client, a service for monitoring the INSPIRE services and a dedicated instance of the EU-wide INSPIRE validation framework.

Use Cases and Applications
European Commission