Marco Neumann

Marco is an InformationScientist with a keen interest in the SemanticWeb and GeospatialData on the Web. Marco worked more than 25years with GeoSpatialWebTechnologies and is creator of and first geospatialmodule for Jena 2007. Prior to GeoSPARQL Marco worked on MultiModalDataAccessMethods extensions to RDF QueryLanguages for contextual data processing.

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Linked data 101 for geospatial
Paul van Genuchten, Marco Neumann

There are a number of developments which bring more linked data into the world of the traditional geo data domain. And this is already happening all around us. Consider for example the introduction of json-ld output in pygeoapi and GeoServer, GeoJSON-ld support in Apache Fuseki, Dataset search via So how can you best benefit from these developments? What are the challenges when linking these data communities.

This presentation talks about linked data from a traditional tabular GEO perspective. It introduces some of the key principles of linked data, tools and challenges to convert (meta)data to triples, graph validation, and visualization of triples in a traditional map context.

Open Data
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