Sylvain Beorchia

Sylvain is a GIS expert and developer. With more than 15 years of experience in the GIS industry, he masters the full stack of opensource software to create cartographic web applications with efficiency and style. Sylvain is also a graphic designer and created logos for various opensource projects and events.

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Terristory : a sustainable energy observatory becoming a mutualized nation-wide platform
Vincent Picavet, Sylvain Beorchia

Terristory is a web platform providing a sustainable energy observatory oriented towards decision-makers and territory planners.

AURA-Energie Environnement is a French association acting on account of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to promote sustainable energy. Aura-EE started the Terristory project a couple of years ago, in order to put their data on the web.
Energy data is geographic by nature, and one of the main aspect of managing energy is being able to observe its characteristics on a given territory.

From a simple data viewer, Terristory evolved into a full platform for data observation. Dynamic graphs have been added, and some advanced features like :
- create scenarii on Energy equipment ( e.g. build a methanizer )
- impact of decisions on local employment

Terristory is based on OpenSource software : PostGIS, Python, OpenLayers, Vector tiles… The full code for the Terristory platform itself is opensource and will be published publicly in 2021.

Terristory was initially funded by a single actor and deployed in a single region. In 2020, the project accelerated : it evolved into a consortium to support the platform and deploy it in other regions. This evolution made Terristory a national project, and a reference platform for energy data visualization. This mutation is interesting on multiple levels, as it is totally coherent with an opensource project :
- from a simple project to a full platform
- from a single developer from a single company to multiple developers from various origins
- from a single funder to multiple funders organized as a consortium
- from a single actor for roadmap definition to a mutualized roadmap

This transformation makes the project's history and experience unique. The battle for climate is open, and platforms such as Terristory have a strong role to play. It should be an inspiration for any project oriented towards opensource, opendata and resource mutualization.

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