Carmen Tawalika

Carmen is a passionate geographer. After her studies in geography, she started working for mundialis using and creating OSGeo software including actinia. She is an open source devotee and was very happy to take part in the FOSS4G 2016 organization team for Bonn.


News from actinia
Markus Neteler, Carmen Tawalika

„Hello, my name is actinia. Some of you might know me already. I became an OSGeo Community Project in 2019 and my first appearance on a FOSS4G conference was in 2018 where I was presented in a talk. For those of you who do not know me yet - I have been developed to exploit GRASS GIS functionality via an HTTPS REST API with which GRASS locations, mapsets and spatio-temporal data are available as resources to allow their management and visualization. I was designed to follow the purpose of bringing algorithms to cloud geodata, the daily growing big geodata pools in mind. I can be installed in a cloud environment, helping to prepare, analyse and provide a large amount of geoinformation. But also for those who do know me already - do you know the details about what happened the last 2 years? A lot! Usage of interim results, helm chart, enhanced exporter, monitoring of mapset size, QA enhancements and a split of my plugins including module self-description of more than 500 modules are some key words to just name a few. With the ongoing development of the openeo-grassgis-driver, you can talk to me either in my native language or via openEO API. I would also like to tell you some interesting facts about me interacting in different projects. So come on over!“

State of the Art