Rob Emanuele

Rob Emanuele is a Geospatial Architect at Microsoft with the AI for Earth team working on the Planetary Computer.


Using open source geospatial software to process, search, and analyze the data of our planet
Rob Emanuele

At Microsoft AI for Earth we're taking petabytes of openly licensed, cloud optimized Earth science data and making it searchable and analysis-ready in what we're calling a Planetary Computer. We've built pipelines that process data into cloud optimized formats, derive metadata in the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) format, and index the data such that it is queryable through the OGC API - Features and STAC API standards. We're also supporting the integration of our data within the Pangeo open source ecosystem to enable open architecture approaches to Earth science analytics and applications.

In this talk I'll present the architecture of the Planetary Computer, how it is built on the amazing ecosystem of open source tools that work with these datasets, and how we build in a way that enables contribution to and support that ecosystem.