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The state of GeoExt along with an outlook on its future
Marc Jansen, Christian Mayer

GeoExt is a JavaScript library combining the OpenLayers mapping library and the JavaScript framework ExtJS. It became an OSGeo community project in 2019. The talk will give a brief history of the project, and a summary of its dependencies and versions. Several new features recently developed for the latest GeoExt release will be presented.

The talk will include an overview of two additional Open Source JavaScript libraries which bring even more power and functionality to GeoExt: BasiGX and GeoStyler. BasiGX is a higher-level JavaScript library that builds on top of GeoExt and focusses on advanced GIS user interfaces and mapping tools for the web. GeoStyler – in itself an OSGeo community project – is a JavaScript library for cartographic styling of geodata, and can be combined with a GeoExt solution to apply several formats to layers, e.g. SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor) files.

The talk will include examples of real-world projects using GeoExt, along with recommendations on what types of projects are most suitable to be developed using GeoExt and its associated technologies. We'll discuss how and when newer OpenLayers and ExtJS versions will be supported, and how to combine GeoExt with other JavaScript packages.

Finally a roadmap for the future of GeoExt will be outlined along with how developers and users can get involved.

State of the Art
Optimized publishing of map and dataservices with GeoServer, GeoStyler and MapProxy
Marc Jansen, Till Adams

At the beginning of this century, the very existence of geo-services based on an uniform API like WMS aroused admiration. Today, having more than 10 years of INSPIRE behind us, this question often no longer arises. With software-projects like UMN MapServer, GeoServer, deegree or QGIS Server – to name just a few – there are notable solutions that can be used to transform geodata into standardized services. Once your data is published as WMS (or WFS, e.g.), one can rely on many additional tools, functions and interfaces. Thus a non-experienced user is confronted with many tools but also with the question on which tools can be used to achieve an optimal result for his or her personal task.

The talk presents one Open Source toolset for the set-up of geodata-services that consists of GeoServer/GeoWebCache, GeoStyler and MapProxy.

Use Cases and Applications
Buenos Aires