Harris Hudson

I am a 30 year semi retired IT professional. You will generally find me in sunny Canberra Australia but I also spend time in Northern California USA – well, before Covid anyway.


A look beyond the edge with Visual Field
Harris Hudson

Visual Field is essentially a single HTML file - with some internal links to various CDN CSS and Javascript component resources. Visual Field can be loaded as a web accessible resource, offline web resource, installed as a PWA, or as a stand alone file. It's an Open Source Application that builds upon other Open Source components and allows you to import, process and visualize your data, or other remote CORS enabled datasets. It has a potential broad audience and broad set of use cases. Visual Field isn't about solving all GIS problems but it is about empowering both the end users and designers of your data driven visualizations and workflows alike. This presentation will briefly introduce the capabilities of Visual Field, run a quick demonstration, and then lead in to a general discussion on what you can do going forward should a standards based, text and spatially enabled, SQL engine become available in the browser. My name is Harris Hudson and I am the author of Visual Field. There is both a lot of set precedence and also a lot of continuing ongoing change in the web ecosystem - and should the WebSQL database (which is at the very core of Visual Field) still have broad browser support come September 2021 - I would be delighted to present in FOSS4G 2021 BA. Whether you are technical or non-technical, I hope you might find this presentation useful in some way.

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