Arnulf Christl

Open Source advocate and co-founder of OSGeo. Working at terrestris as senior consultant for Deutsche Telekom AG fibre optics. As Metaspatial operating the development platform and coordinating the SmartMapping work group of the Surveying Authorities of Germany. Scrum Master at The Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy Germany.

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The Borked Supply Chain. How the Telekom brings FOSS Projects into Stable Production
Arnulf Christl

This talk focuses on aspects of transitioning Open Source software projects into productive environments.
The Deutsche Telekom AG has set out to use FOSS software to build a comprehensive geospatial data management and processing environment based on cloud technology. Some components (like PostGIS and QGIS) are used as COTS (commercial off the shelf) products. Others (like GRASS GIS) are used as libraries to implement intricate parts of an incredibly specific process to dig optimized trenches for fiber optics cables throughout Germany.
The project uses agile methods to implement this architecture with FOSS products and projects and hand crafted implementations to achieve it's objectives.
If we use the analogy of a bridge across a deep valley to achieve the objectives, then it feels like going full speed on a downhill bike, jumping into thin air and reaching the other side of the valley in a truck carrying internet access for millions landing on a concrete bridge that has manifested halfway through. A bit frightening, but so cool! That's FOSS!

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The Cloud Devoured Open Source
Arnulf Christl

The Cloud Devoured Open Source... but then it choked on Free Software. A freestyle intro on how to help Free and Open Source Software manage to avoid getting obsoleted by shareholder value.

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