Marco Bernasocchi

I'm an open-source advocate currently serving as chairman, consultant, teacher and developer.

I work as director of which I founded in 2011. At LLC we (12 superstar devs and myself) develop, train and consult our client on any aspect related to QGIS

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QField Features Frenzy
Marco Bernasocchi, David Signer

QField is the mobile data collection app for QGIS with more than 100K active monthly users and well over 350K downloads.
Discover what it has to offer and how, thanks to seamless synchronisation with QFieldCloud, it can help make your teams' fieldwork sessions pleasant and efficient.

QField combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology that allows intuitive viewing and editing of data. QField’s map display is powered by the QGIS rendering engine, so the results are identical and come with the full range of styling possibilities available on the desktop. Editing forms on QField respect the QGIS configuration and are optimised for touch interaction.

QField works with QGIS allowing users to set up maps and forms in QGIS on their workstation, and deploy those in the field. Leveraging QGIS' data providers - OGR, GDAL, PostGIS, and more - QField supports most current file formats.

And if you just want quickly to check that dataset that was sent to you, QField will seamlessly open it adding a basemap for your convenience.

State of the Art
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Seamless fieldwork thanks to QFieldCloud
Marco Bernasocchi

QFieldCloud's unique technology allows your team to focus on what's important, making sure you efficiently get the best field data possible.

Thanks to the tight integration with the leading GIS fieldwork app QField, your team will be able to start surveying and digitising data in no time.

Discover what QFieldCloud has to offer and how, thanks to seamless integration with your SDI, it can help make your teams' fieldwork sessions pleasant and efficient. And if you want to roll out your own customized version, nothing will stop you, QFieldCloud is open source!

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