Welcome to the General Track Call for Presentations at FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2021!

You can submit three types of contributions:

  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Academic

All submissions must be written in English

In this guideline you will find instructions on how to use this platform

You will need need to sign to pretalx before submitting.

Talks will be assigned a 30 minutes slot: 20 minutes for the talk, 5 for Q&A, and 5 minutes for presenters to set up and the audience to change rooms as desired.

The talks should be presentations related to Free and Open Source Geospatial Software: all about how you use open source geospatial software, how it helps to solve your company/organization problems, a new development you are involved in and what it has improved, benchmarking, panels, etc.

Submissions of restricted licensed software products will not be accepted.

For workshops check https://callforpapers.2021.foss4g.org/foss4g-2021-workshop/cfp

For academic check https://callforpapers.2021.foss4g.org/foss4g-2021-academic/cfp

You can enter submissions until 2021-03-30 00:00 (America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires), 2 months, 1 week from now.