Virtual Event Co-design Workshop: Learnings and Best Practices for Meaningful Online Sessions with Open Geospatial Communities
2021-09-28, 14:00–18:00, María Elena Walsh

The Workshop aims to gather and engage different open geospatial communities and members to crowdsource learning experiences and best practices in designing and/or co-designing virtual sessions (such as mapathons, workshops, webinars, etc) to create meaningful engagement and open dialogues for and with the participants. This is also a venue to discuss how we can ensure inclusive and accessible online sessions for all.

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To avoid physical contact during the pandemic, various organizations and communities switched to online or virtual events to conduct workshops or seminars (“webinar”), training and workshops. Even before the pandemic, the HOT* Community Working has been conducting online events such as mapathons, workshops and webinars to provide space for and with local communities to present and showcase local projects, as well as to open spaces for dialogues and debate about pressing issues with the open mapping ecosystem.

The HOT* Community Working has documented some learnings in conducting engaging and collaborative online events (link:, and we would like to share it with other open geospatial communities, as well as to learn from them. We aim to crowdsource positive learning experiences and best practices in designing and implementing engaging and accessible virtual sessions for and with the global open geospatial community.

We also aim to discuss how we can ensure welcoming and inclusive online sessions (mapathons, workshops, webinars, etc), in terms of language, platforms used, time zones, among others, and how to gather feedback from our participants.

Authors and Affiliations

Vicario, Arnalie (1)
Ünen; Can (2)
Masters, Pete (3)
Mower, Sophie (4)

(1) OSM Philippines / HOT, Philippines
(2) Yer Çizenler, Turkey
(3) HOT & Missing Maps, UK
(4) HOT

Note: Authors in the list is not the full list yet


1 - Principiants. No required specific knowledge is needed.

Requirements for the Attendees

No required specific knowledge on the topic - just a heart to be more welcoming and inclusive in organizing/participating to virtual events.

Important reminder: When you join the workshop room (BBB), please choose microphone mode (not listen only mode).

I am passionate about building inclusive spaces in the Open Mapping / OSM community - where the communities that we serve and map are prioritized, listened to, and are able to voice their concerns. The best map of the world should be the best (and inclusive) space for all.