Make Sense of Your Big Data with GeoWave
2021-09-27, 09:00–13:00, Nemonte Nenquimo

Are you overwhelmed by a firehose of data and want to tap into its potential? This workshop could be exactly what's needed to overcome your Big Data crisis. This workshop will provide the introduction to GeoWave as well as interactively work through the full QuickStart Guide.

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GeoWave is a software library that connects the scalability of distributed computing frameworks and key/value stores with modern geospatial software to store, retrieve and analyze massive geospatial datasets.

Capabilities * Add multi-dimensional indexing capability to key/value stores * Add support for geographic objects and geospatial operators to key/value stores * Provide a GeoServer plugin to allow geospatial data from key/value stores to be shared and visualized via OGC standard services * Provide Spark and Map-Reduce connectors for distributed processing and analysis of geospatial data with out-of-the-box analytics * Provide Commandline Interface, Java and Python Programmatic APIs, and Service APIs

Basically, GeoWave bridges geospatial software with distributed computing systems to do for distributed key/value stores what PostGIS does for PostgreSQL.

Authors and Affiliations

Rich Fecher
Maxar Technologies

Adam Cook
Maxar Technologies


2 - Basic. General basic knowledge is required.

Requirements for the Attendees

Download and install a GeoWave standalone installer.

Also, while it can easily be done during the workshop, there are some downloads such as this vector data:

Rich is a Fellow at Maxar Technologies with a focus on Spatio-Temporal Big Data Analytics. Rich has embraced open source technologies as an effective means to provide cutting edge solutions.

Adam Cook is a data engineer with a love for geospatial. He has expertise with handling big datasets of track data along with near real-time analytical processing and discovery.